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The most advanced dog collar with Heartprint Technology™ and 24/7 GPS tracking

✅ Medical grade accuracy.

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Heartprint Technology™Unveiling your dog’s unique heart signature

Using sensor fusion and state-of-the-art AI algorithms, Heartprint Technology™ gives you unique insights on your dog’s heart health. It provides a visual representation of your dog’s cardio-pulmonary system, in the form of a Poincaré plot, through continuous measurements of heartbeats. A Heart Signature, like an ECG, helps detect and analyze various forms of arrhythmia, as well as other heart or health anomalies in the resting beats pattern.


Advanced heart health scan

Discover your dog’s baseline and monitor your dog's health over the long term to take preventative action before it's too late.

Heart & breathing rate at sleep

Monitor your dog’s heart and respiratory rate on a daily basis and over the long term. The heart and breathing rates are the best measures for preventive care and monitoring of ailing and at risk dogs.

Activity, vitality and wellbeing monitoring

Keep tabs on your dog’s activity level, wellbeing, sleep, appetite, bark and daily habits.

Real-time GPS tracking

Know where your dog is at all times, whenever they're not by your side.

Nearly 8 million dogs in the U.S. suffer from major heart conditions…

...And yet abnormalities in the heart are one of the hardest problems to diagnose before a serious episode.
Up to 20% of canines are either at a huge risk of developing a condition, or are currently suffering from (an undetected) one.
While some breeds are predisposed to disease, these conditions can impact many dogs as they grow older... The best way to monitor an ailing-dog, an at-risk dog or for preventative care is to monitor the heart and respiratory rate. But so far, it's been exceedingly complicated to do so non-invasively...
Until today.

Smart Dog Collar, the award-winning biometric collar with health scan

Smart Dog Collar is revolutionizing the pet care industry by making it possible for pet parents to monitor their dog’s health and wellbeing over the long term, non-invasively. Smart Dog Collar not only tracks your dog’s GPS position, but also monitors your dog’s heart and respiratory rate at sleep, giving you a clear baseline of your dog’s health.

Smart Dog Collar can help you identify an array of different conditions and problems relating to your animal’s health and wellbeing including:
• Spotting early symptoms of heart disease.
• Monitoring treatment effectiveness.
• Identifying a decrease of vitality or a change in behavior.
• And more coming as new features are released.



An all-in-one health app for your dog

Free companion app available on iOS and Android


Advanced heart and breathing scan

Monitor your dog's heart and respiratory rate at sleep with medical precision and discover your dog's health baseline. These vitals are the most important to prevent heart issues, to monitor dogs with heart disease, at risk / ageing dogs, and to keep an eye on an ailing dog.


Vitality, appetite & activity

Keep tabs on their activity, vitality and wellbeing levels : walking, running, eating, resting, scratching, barking, appetite and daily habits. The activity monitoring gives a wide overview of all your dog's daily activity, ensuring that their vitality and physical activity levels match their needs. You can stay close to your dog, even when you're miles away.


Smart GPS Tracking

Know where your dog is at all times, whenever they're not by your side. Track their outings while they're not with you and know where to look for them in case they run away or get lost. And on top of it, you can always keep an eye out on your dog's walk when they're with a sitter or dog care facility, just as an extra precaution.

Never lose your dog again

Ever worry about your dog running away? Dogs from all ages and breeds have the ability to run-away. Certain breeds are more prone to leaving than others, but any dog can stray away from the pack… With Smart Dog Collar, you’ll never have to worry again. Keep tabs on your dog from any distance.
Keep an eye out for your dog when you’re away, whether you’re at the office, or leaving them alone with a dog-sitter or kennel while on vacation.


Long battery life

Don’t worry about the battery life if your dog runs away or gets lost. Go weeks between recharging. Set it and forget it.


Medical grade accuracy

With 97% of accuracy for the respiratory rate, and 99 % for heart rate, Smart Dog collar is as precise as a medical device.
It provides long scale objective health data to ensure your dog’s health and wellbeing.


Cutting-edge technology

Smart Dog Collar patented technology combines a state-of-the-art hardware, sensor fusion and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to scan your dog’s vitals even through dense fur.

Unbeatable connectivity

Smart Dog Collar utilizes LTE-M connectivity which is the most innovative network for connected devices. It demands less power than traditional 2G, 3G, or 4G connections and combines with powerful algorithms. It allows Smart Dog Collar to have a battery life that runs during weeks before needing a recharge.
Smart Dog Collar needs a subscription plan to work. There will be different payment plans available, starting at $8,25/month, allowing you to choose the subscription that best suits your needs.
Smart Dog Collar works in all countries with LTE-M coverage.


How does it work?

The most advanced dog collar, the easiest to use.

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    1. Buy your Smart Dog Collar

    Find the size of Smart Dog Collar that best suits your dog and their needs. Smart Dog Collar has an arrangement of sizes fit for medium to large dogs.

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    2. Buy your subscription plan

    Purchasing a subscription plan keeps you connected with your collar at all times. It is the foundation of monitoring your pet’s health with real-time updates on your animal’s vitals, and activity levels. The plan also covers GPS tracking, and a full overview of data so you can constantly keep yourself informed. You can pick your subscription plan on the app.

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    3. Get closer to your dog like never before

    Now that you’ve set everything up, you can get ready to really understand your pet. From your dog’s health to their happiness, Smart Dog Collar will give you a better picture of how they’re feeling. This gives you the opportunity to connect like never before.

The first biometric dog health collar, backed by science

Invoxia has developed a patent pending range of sensors paired with artificial intelligence algorithms and has collected billions of hours of pet activity data to create the most advanced medical grade dog collar.

They’ve joined our scientific board

With our board, we will push forward the boundaries of animal health. Our shared ambition is to revolutionize our understanding of pet health and open the door to truly preventative medicine.

  • chetboul_txpjoi

    Valérie Chetboul

    Director of the Cardiovascular Unit at the Alfort National Veterinary School in France.

  • promislow_gawemn

    Dr. Daniel Promislow

    Bio-gerontologist, professor at the University of Washington.

For dogs suffering from heart disease, structured home-based care programs that include continuous monitoring of respiratory rate and heart rate while attending to appetite and ideal body weight are encouraged. A higher than normal resting respiratory rate is one of the most pertinent indicators of impending heart failure.

Romain Pariaut
DVM, DACVIM, DECVIM-CA of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University

Are you a veterinarian that wants to work with us? Feel free to contact us.

If you wish to contact us regarding a university or private research project, contact us here.

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Available Q1 2023
The first biometric health collar for dogs that’s won 7 international awards.
Discover your dog’s unique heart signature and keep your pup safe, happy, and healthy.

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