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✅ Medical-grade accuracy. Patent pending. Multi-award winning.

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The 1st collar with Heart Health Scan & GPS

Shine a light on your dog's health.
Monitor their vitals, appetite, activity and whereabouts.
Detect those early warning signs of illness, invisible until now.

The most advanced solution to keep your pup healthy and safe


Resting heart & respiratory rate

Learn your dog’s vital signs baseline and quickly detect abnormal changes.

Activity, vitality and well-being monitoring

Keep tabs on your dog’s activity level, well-being, sleep, appetite, bark and daily habits.

Real-time GPS tracking

Enjoy peace of mind by knowing exactly where your dog is at all times.

Discover your dog’s heart signature with Heartprint Technology™

Your dog's heart signature is a geometrical representation of their heartbeats that contains meaningful insights, including on arrhythmia. We've launched several research projects to extract new digital biomarkers of pathologies, aging and stress from these shapes.


Ever feared you'd lost your pup? Never again.

Millions of dogs go missing every year.
Save yourself some trouble with GPS, the surest way to find them if they run-away. Unlike Airtags, it will work anywhere there is cell coverage.
Live tracking. Virtual fence. Escape alerts.


A major leap into preventive care

Continuous check-ups in the comfort of your home. Your dog's health is too important to be left to chance, take matters into your own hands.

• Immediately spot the changes your dog might be trying to hide.
• Spot early symptoms of heart diseases before they move to a severe stage.
• Monitor your dog's treatment effectiveness.
• Allow your vet to take data-driven decisions for the best care.


"As a parent of a dog with heart disease this is an absolute game changer."


"My dog suffers from aortic stenosis, a common heart condition in dogs. Smart Dog Collar reassures me because now I can monitor Falko's heart rate daily and react as quickly as possible in case of worsening."


"If you want to know all about your dog for first time buy it."


Maya loves to take walks in the forest but tends to run away to chase squirrels! With GPS location, there will be no more big scares!



An all-in-one health app to protect your dog

Free companion app available on iOS and Android


Advanced heart and breathing scan

Monitor your dog's heart and respiratory rate at sleep with medical precision and discover your dog's health baseline. These vitals are the most important to prevent heart issues, to monitor dogs with heart disease, at risk / ageing dogs, and to keep an eye on an ailing dog.


Vitality, appetite & activity

Keep tabs on their activity, vitality and wellbeing levels : walking, running, eating, resting, barking, appetite and daily habits. The activity monitoring gives a wide overview of all your dog's daily activity, ensuring that their vitality and physical activity levels match their needs. Stay close to your dog, even when you're miles away.


Smart GPS Tracking

Know where your dog is at all times, whenever they're not by your side. Track their outings while they're not with you and know where to look for them in case they run away or get lost. Always keep an eye out on your dog's walk when they're with a sitter or dog care facility, just as an extra precaution.


Long battery life

2 weeks between charges.


Medical grade accuracy

Respiratory rate is 97% accurate and heart rate is 99% accurate.
Developed with board-certified veterinarians using ECG as a reference.


Patent-pending technology

Patent-pending technology combining state-of-the-art hardware, sensor fusion, and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to scan your dog’s vitals— even through dense fur.

Packed with innovation

LTE-M connectivity: the most innovative and power-efficient network for connected devices.
Smart geolocation using Bluetooth, Wifi Positioning System and GPS for optimal coverage and precision.
AI-based adjustments: the algorithms adapt to your dog for increased precision and personalized insights.

Smart Dog Collar has a built-in SIM card.


How does it work?

The most advanced dog collar, the easiest to use.

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    1. Choose your Smart Dog Collar

    Smart Dog Collar has an arrangement of sizes fit for small/medium to large dogs.

  • operating_two_wkmova

    2. Buy your subscription plan to activate the built-in SIM

    A subscription is necessary to activate the built-in SIM card. The collar transfers activity & health data through the LTE-M network, even when you're not around your dog.

  • operating_three_moxjli

    3. Get closer to your dog than ever before

    Now that you’ve set everything up, get ready to really understand your pet. You will have done the best to protect them.

We believe in dog longevity through predictive healthcare

Invoxia has developed a patent pending range of sensors paired with artificial intelligence algorithms and has collected tens of millions of days of pet activity data to create the most advanced medical grade dog collar.

World-class experts are joining our scientific board

With them, we will continue to push the boundaries of canine preventive health. Our shared ambition is to revolutionize our knowledge of canine health and help dogs live longer, happier and healthier lives.

  • chetboul_txpjoi

    Valérie Chetboul, DVM, PhD, HDR, Dipl. ECVIM-CA (Cardiology)

    Director of the Cardiovascular Unit at the Alfort National Veterinary School in France.

  • promislow_gawemn

    Dr. Daniel Promislow, PhD

    Bio-gerontologist, expert in Canine Longevity at the University of Washington.

A higher than normal resting respiratory rate is one of the most pertinent indicators of impending heart failure.

Romain Pariaut, DVM, DACVIM, DECVIM-CA
College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University

Are you a veterinarian that wants to work with us? Feel free to contact us.

If you wish to contact us regarding a university or private research project, contact us here.

Nearly 8 million dogs in the U.S. suffer from life-threatening heart conditions…

Up to 10% of canines are at risk of having a heart disease, dormant or diagnosed. This number rises to 60% in senior dogs.*
The most frequent diseases such as Mitral Valve Disease or Dilated Cardiomyopathy are hard to detect in time, they progress slowly and lead to life-threatening congestive heart failure (CHF) in dogs.

Smart Dog Collar can help you monitor that your cardiac dog is stabilized, and detect onsets of congestive heart failures. Recent scientific studies** show that early detection of heart disease during their dormant stage (preclinical), can lead to an extra 1.3 years (15 months) of time with your dog given the proper treatment.


Smart Dog Collar has made headlines across the board

200 enthusiastic press articles and counting

This Smart Dog Collar is one of the coolest things we’ve seen yet from CES


Forget Apple AirTag, Invoxia’s Biometric Smart Dog Collar is the right way to track your pet


This smart collar wants to be an Apple Watch for your dog

The Verge

Heartprint Technology™, an advanced heart tracking technology that approximates that of electrocardiogram data


The Invoxia brand is trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide

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